Transportation Healthcare
Catalytic converter substrate: Pollution from automobiles has fallen dramatically thanks to ceramic honeycomb structures that expose precious metal catalysts to high-temperature exhausts. Health Care Ceramic ball joint for hip replacements: Biomedical engineers and materials scientists use ceramics and ceramic composite components to enable long, active, pain-free lifestyles.
Energy Electonics
Energy Turbine thermal barrier coatings: Ceramic thermal barrier coatings protect gas turbine blades, allowing them to run hotter and more efficiently. Electronics Multilayer ceramic capacitors: Electronics manufacturers use more than one trillion multilayer ceramic capacitors per year in televisions, computers, cell phones, automobiles, home appliances—almost anything that has a circuit.
Communications Infrastructure
Communications Optical fibers: Billions of kilometers of high-purity optical fiber form the backbone of today’s communications technologies, including the Internet, local area networks, cable television and more. Infrastructure Infrastructure: Globally, steelmakers produce 1.5 billion metric tons per year in refractory lined furnaces. Cement, glass, and metals processing industries also depend on refractories for high-temperature processes.