About Us

The Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation (CGIF) was established by The American Ceramic Society in 2014 to attract, inspire, and support the next generation of ceramic and glass professionals.

Since its inception, the CGIF has launched programs in student outreach, international student exchanges, travel grants, student leadership development, a university-industry network, and its online Ceramic and Glass Career Center.


CGIF Mission Statement

The CGIF attracts, inspires, and supports the next generation of ceramic and glass professionals.

CGIF Vision Statement

The CGIF will be the global leader in igniting student interest in ceramic and glass careers to help solve grand challenges facing humanity.

CGIF Values Statements

  • Accountability – Our volunteer leaders and staff take their roles seriously and operate in ways that are open, responsible, and ethical.
  • Excellence – We value and reward scientific, industrial, artistic, and educational achievement.
  • Inclusion – We commit to the fair and equitable treatment of all regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and any other basis.
  • Service – We commit to serve donors, institutions, grant recipients, and program participants with fairness, integrity, and openness in all that we do.
  • Collaboration – We value collaboration with industry partners to help fill the worldwide ceramic
    and glass talent pipeline.
  • Awareness – We commit to provide crucial resources, programs, and outreach activities that
    introduce ceramic and glass science to students and educators around the world.


The Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation is governed by a board of trustees. The number of trustees is not less than seven (7), and trustees are elected to terms of three (3) years. Elected Trustees serve no more than two (2) consecutive three-year terms. Former Trustees who have been out of this office for at least two years may subsequently be reelected, and those who have completed less than two (2) three-year terms may be immediately reelected.

The officers of the Board of Trustees are: Chair, Chair-Elect, Immediate Past Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. The executive director of ACerS serves as the Secretary of the CGIF, and the ACerS Treasurer serves as the Treasurer during their elected term. The Chair, together with the Secretary, will manage the day-to-day operations of the Foundation in accordance with the CGIF By-Laws and Operating Agreement.

The CGIF is an Ohio Nonprofit Single Member Limited Liability Company (LLC) and is wholly owned by The American Ceramic Society (ACerS), which is a nonprofit organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. For federal tax purposes, the CGIF is treated as a disregarded entity, separate from ACerS under § 301.7701-2(c)(2)(i) of the Procedure and Administration Regulations (SMLLCs). Contributions to The Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Chair-Elect, Chair, and Immediate Past Chair

Term – Three years (one year each as Chair-Elect, Chair, and Immediate Past Chair)


The Chair-Elect collaborates with the Chair to learn the role of the Chair and to become familiar with the programs of the Foundation and its governance. The Chair-elect assists and supports the Chair as needed and prepares for their term as Chair. The Chair-elect performs all of the duties of the Chair in case of the Chair's absence or as may be assigned to them from time to time by the Chair or the Board of Trustees, and when so acting, shall have the same power and authority as the Chair. The Chair-elect shall automatically become Chair at the end of their term as Chair-elect.


The Chair presides over all board meetings of the CGIF, provides leadership, and ensures that the Board of Trustees fulfills its responsibilities for the governance of the Foundation.

The Chair works in partnership with the executive director of ACerS and the development director of the CGIF to achieve the mission of the Foundation. The Chair shall automatically become the Immediate Past Chair at the end of their term as Chair.

Immediate Past Chair

The Immediate Past Chair provides guidance, advice, and a historical perspective to the Board of Trustees. The Immediate Past Chair serves as the Chair of the Nominating Committee and supports the Chair and Chair-elect on an as-needed basis.

Position Description – Member of the Board of Trustees


The board of trustees supports the work of the Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation (CGIF) and provides mission-based leadership and strategic governance. While day-to-day operations are led by The American Ceramic Society’s executive director and the CGIF development director, the involvement and partnership of the board is both critical and expected. Specific responsibilities of a board member are outlined below.

Leadership, governance, and oversight

  • Be a trusted advisor to the executive director, development director and staff as they develop and implement the CGIF’s strategic plan and development action plan.
  • Attend all meetings of the board, any assigned committee meetings, and task force meetings.
  • Review outcomes and metrics created by the CGIF for evaluating its impact and regularly measuring performance and effectiveness using those metrics; review agenda and supporting materials prior to board and committee meetings.
  • Approve the CGIF’s annual budget, audit reports, and material business decisions; be informed of and meet all legal and fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Assist the executive director, development director, board Chair and Nominating Committee in identifying and recruiting board members.
  • Serve on at least one committee or task force and take on special assignments.
  • Ensure the CGIF’s commitment to a diverse board that reflects the constituents served by the CGIF.
  • Act as an ambassador for the CGIF, seeking to protect, preserve, and promote the image and work of the CGIF.


Board members are to consider the CGIF a philanthropic priority and make annual gifts that reflect that priority. To ensure that the CGIF can credibly solicit contributions from individuals, organizations and foundations, the CGIF expects to have 100 percent of board members make an annual contribution that is commensurate with their capacity. Board members are encouraged to take an active role in the fundraising process by identifying and cultivating prospects, asking for gifts and thanking donors.

Board Term

Trustees serve a term of three (3) years from the date of their election. Elected trustees shall serve no more than two (2) consecutive three-year terms. Former trustees who have been out of this office for at least two years may subsequently be reelected, and those who have completed less than two (2) three-year terms may be immediately reelected.

Time Requirement

The board of trustees meets twice annually: in April prior to the Ceramics Expo and at the annual meeting of The American Ceramic Society in October. Additional meetings may be held at such other times and places as the board of trustees may designate. Committee meetings are generally held quarterly.


Service on the Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation board of trustees is an excellent opportunity for an individual who is passionate about the mission of the CGIF. Selected board members have extensive professional experience with significant executive leadership stature in business, government, philanthropy, or the nonprofit sector. The accomplishments of board members allow them to attract other well-qualified, high-performing board members.

Ideal candidates will have the following additional qualifications:

  • A commitment to and understanding of the CGIF’s mission, preferably based on experience.
  • Savvy diplomatic skills and a natural affinity for cultivating relationships and persuading, convening, facilitating, and building consensus among diverse individuals.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills coupled with well-developed skills in public speaking.
  • Personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and a passion for the science, engineering and technology of ceramics and glass.

Service on the Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation board of trustees is without remuneration. Although administrative support is provided whenever possible, no fees or travel expenses will be paid in relation to a board member’s duties.

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