Materials Science Classroom Kit with contents

Materials Science Classroom Kit


  • The Materials Science Classroom Kit features nine lessons for K-12 teachers to bring hands-on learning into their classrooms. The kit lessons comply with Next Generation Science Standards and introduce students to the basic classes of materials—ceramics, composites, metals, and polymers. The Classroom Kit contains both teacher-led demonstrations and small group activities.

Each kit includes:

  • Most materials needed for nine demonstrations and lab activities for multiple uses
  • The Teacher's Manual: An illustrated guide with detailed instructions, learning objectives, demo delivery hints, discussion questions, and student handouts
  • A thumb drive with electronic content to help get teachers started:
    • an introductory PowerPoint presentation
    • a digital version of the Teacher's Manual to easily edit and adapt the included worksheets
    • instructional videos for each demonstration and lab activity
    • Coming soon: Additional state Standards of Learning benchmarks

Nine lessons in each kit:

  • Hot or not?
  • Candy fiber pull
  • Piezoelectric materials
  • Shape memory alloys
  • Thermal shock!
  • Glass bead on a wire
  • Engineered concrete
  • Thermal processing of bobby pins
  • How strong is your chocolate?

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Are you a K-12 teacher?

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