Project Grant Application — Colorado Section

For the ACerS Colorado Section to submit their application for a project grant.

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Name of organization the applicant is affiliated with. If this is a community service application not affiliated with an organization, please note that here.

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Please provide a summary of the entire project to include (1) a brief description of the project, (2) the goals and objectives, and (3) underscore why this project is important.

Please list an amount in USD in the space provided.

Please list an amount in USD in the space provided. Funding must be used specifically for the project. It can include things such as supplies and materials needed for your project, publicity or marketing for events, display cases or tables for events, printing and copying, etc. Supplementary funding may NOT be used for staff or administrative salaries or for anything not directly related to producing your project.

Please use the space to outline the budget for your project. How will you use the requested supplemental funding? Are you receiving funding from any other source? Are there any additional costs to your project that neither the supplemental funding nor outside funding will cover? Use of bullet points are okay to use here, but be inclusive of all costs.

Please use this section to describe what you hope to accomplish with your project. It should spell out the specific results or outcomes you plan to achieve. Tie your goals and objectives directly to your need statement. Include all relevant groups and individuals in your target population. Always allow plenty of time to accomplish the objectives.

Please use this section to outline the timeline of your project. Describe the ways in which you will achieve the objectives. Also, describe the people involved in this project. Who will do what? When and how will they do it? Include information indicating your organization's capacity to implement and sustain the program.

What methods will be used to measure the progress of the project? What evidence will demonstrate success?

The CGIF strives to attract, inspire, and support the next generation of ceramic and glass professionals. How does your project align with our mission?

This section is optional. If you'd like the grant review committee to know anything else about you or your project, please use the space provided.
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