The Crystal Clear Science video competition involves creating a short 2 to 3 minute video that showcases a fun or interesting scientific or artistic concept behind ceramics or glass. The video should be geared toward the general public, but the applicant(s) has creative freedom over the nature of the video. The competition is open to all undergraduate and graduate students. Joint submissions will also be accepted.

2023 Awardees

Rishabh Kundu & Margarida Barroso

1st Place | "Green Ceramic Recycling"

Luis Cuadros, Jose Challco, & Leonardo Cruz

2nd Place | "Cold Casting"

Ricardo Lancelotti & Jacob Lovi

3rd Place | “Does stained glass of cathedral windows flow?”


Cash prize, custom glass award, and recognition at MS&T 23

1st Place: $500

2nd Place: $250

3rd Place: $100

Participation Eligibility

All students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate studies during the academic year of 2022-2023. ACerS membership and MS&T 2023 registration are not required.

How to Enter

  1. Submit your 2 to 3 minute video explaining at least 1 scientific concept related to ceramic or glass science. The audience for the video is the general public, and 6-12 grade students.
  2. In addition to your video, submit a 250-500 word explanation of the science behind your demonstration. The audience for the report is professionals in the field of ceramic or glass science.

As developing scientists and professionals, discussing your trade to the general public vs. your fellow colleagues requires diverse communication skills. Your audience for the video will be the general public and 6-12 grade students, while the audience for your report will be fellow professionals.

Use the form below to submit your video. Please submit only one video per joint application.

The submissions for the Crystal Clear Science video competition are closed for 2023.

Applicants will be notified on or before Friday, September 29, 2023.


Contact for more information about the Crystal Clear Science video competition.