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Mini Materials Kit


The Mini Materials Kit features a collection of seven simple demonstrations for use practically anywhere by parents, teachers, and students who are utilizing online and at-home teaching resources. The lessons were developed by Materials Science and Engineering professors at the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Each kit includes:

  • All materials needed for seven demonstrations
  • Illustrated lesson cards with background information, detailed instructions, and safety precautions
  • Links to additional educational resources to continue learning

Seven simple lessons in each kit:

  • The Science of Silly Putty®
  • What is Fiber Optics?
  • Magic Color Beads and UV Light
  • How are Glass Fibers Made?
  • What is Fluorescence?
  • What is a Shape Memory Alloy?
  • Does heating an aluminum nail make it harder?  

If you would like to donate kits to a specific teacher or school, contact us at We can make sure that the teacher or school you designate receives your donated kits!

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