Outreach in a Box: Where Materials Science education meets your local community

Our team is working hard to create outreach programs that can be hosted by volunteers across the world: all in one package! The Outreach in a Box program will include all the finer details for some of our most popular outreach events.

What's included in the download?

  • Suggested budgets and timelines
  • T-shirt and poster designs
  • Advertising, print, social media, and newsletters
  • Tips & tricks for hosting a successful event!

What outreach events will be available through this program?

  • Help students learn the science behind the art of glass blowing through our GLOW series
  • Host a booth at a local science festival using our material science kits
  • Connect industry professionals to K-12 teachers through industry luncheons
  • Learn how to conduct a successful Zoom drop-in session at a local school
  • Plus many more to come!

Our first Outreach in a Box will be available for a FREE download early 2023! Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn to see the announcement.