In-person opportunities

  • Industry Luncheons at Teacher Training Events
    • Enjoy lunch with middle and high school teachers while chatting about career opportunities in the materials community.
  • Science Festivals
    • Help us perform hands-on science experiments at science events, such as NSTA or COSI's Big Science Celebration.
  • Hot Glass Outreach Events
    • Our newest program GLOW: Glass Learning Opportunities Workshop needs a variety of volunteers to help our events run smoothly. This ranges from sitting on a career panel to explaining the science behind the art on-stage to being a dedicated photographer!

Remote opportunities

  • Help Translate Our Kit Lessons
    • Currently, we only offer our lessons in English. To help expand accessibility to our content, we want to be able to offer them in a variety of languages.
  • Apply State Standards to Our Kit Lessons
    • K-12 teachers are bound by meeting Standards of Learning or SOLs for each lesson they teach. Currently, we have the SOLs only for Ohio, but our goals is to be able to offer SOLs for every state.
  • Zoom Classroom Visits
    • Join our list of industry folks interested in dropping into classrooms via Zoom to speak to students about career opportunities in the field.
  • Career Chat Interviews
    • We want to learn about jobs from the technician level all the way to PhDs! Email Amanda at if you are interested in arranging a Zoom interview with one of our interns to tell them about your career and why you think students might be interested in it.
  • Teacher Field Trips Across Ohio
    • We are partnering with the Science Education Counsel of Ohio (SECO) to provide professional development opportunities for middle and high school science teachers. Through this partnership, we are organizing field trips to businesses and factories across Ohio to give teachers the opportunity to learn more about the field of materials science. Currently, we are looking for places across Ohio that are interested in hosting a group of 20 to 30 science teachers for a tour during the summer.
  • Nominate a Trailblazer in Ceramic and Glass Community

Do you have a creative idea to expand materials science education in your local community? Apply for a Kit Grant!

If you want to learn more about any of these opportunities, drop Amanda Engen an email at

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