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The 48th International Conference & Exposition on Advanced Ceramics & Composites (ICACC 2024) will be held from Jan. 28–Feb. 2, 2024, in Daytona Beach, Fla. The CGIF is proud to partner with the PCSA to bring a new program focused on professional development and career exploration named IGNITE MSE (International Gathering and Networking for Individuals to Explore Materials Science and Engineering).

IGNITE MSE events will run before and during the ICACC 2024 conference and will feature: 

  • Invited speakers on topics of professional development 
  • Industry networking luncheon with ceramic and glass professionals
  • Poster session focused on the broader impacts of science 
  • Reception-style networking event during ICACC
  • Swag bag packed with professional development resources! 
  • PLUS those participating in IGNITE MSE are eligible to sign up for the Kennedy Space Center tour

Please note that all participants are responsible for arranging their accommodations and travel to this event. The IGNITE MSE events taking place during ICACC 2024 will require ICACC student conference registration.

Schedule of Events

To participate in the full IGNITE MSE programming, students should register for the following:

🚀  Kennedy Space Center Tour (Jan. 27)

🔥  Pre-ICACC Luncheon & Invited Speakers (Jan. 28)

☀️  ICACC 2024 Conference (Jan. 28 - Feb. 2)

Read more about each of these event below.

🚀  Kennedy Space Center Tour | Saturday, Jan. 27, 8AM to 5PM

A visit to the Kennedy Space Center offers an extraordinary educational experience for students studying materials science. As they explore this iconic space hub, they'll witness the remarkable intersection of science, engineering, and innovation. From the towering launch pads to the awe-inspiring Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit, students will gain insights into cutting-edge materials used in spacecraft construction. They can delve into the intricate engineering behind space exploration and even engage with experts to understand the critical role materials science plays in shaping the future of space travel.

This tour is only open to students and costs $149. The cost includes admission ticket, lunch voucher, and transportation to and from the hotel and the Kennedy Space Center.

🔥 Pre-ICACC Luncheon & Invited Speakers

Students can sign up for the industry luncheon and invited speakers taking place on Sunday, Jan. 28 from noon to 4pm before the opening ceremony of ICACC for only $49. All participants will also receive a complementary IGNITE MSE bag packed with professional development resources.

Industry Luncheon | Sunday, Jan. 28, Noon to 1:30PM

During this hour and a half event, participants will enjoy a hot meal and network with peers and professionals in the materials science community.

Invited Speakers | Sunday, Jan. 28, 1:30PM to 3:50PM

Invited speakers deliver engaging presentations on subjects that ignite their enthusiasm and drive, which they are eager to share with students. These sessions by our speakers will empower both students and early career professionals, equipping them with essential knowledge, skills, and valuable networks that will facilitate their success in their fields. With the invaluable perspectives shared by these accomplished individuals from both academic and industry domains, this event offers a unique opportunity for participants to develop a comprehensive understanding of the field and to delve into the diverse array of career pathways that lie ahead.

When you register for ICACC as a student, you will have the option to add IGNITE MSE to your registration for $49. This add-on will grant you access to the activities on Jan. 28.

Invited Speakers

Reigel Headshot

Marissa Reigel, Ph.D.

Saint-Gobain NorPro

"The importance of soft skills: lessons learned the hard way"

Dr. Marissa Reigel is a Senior R&D Manager at Saint-Gobain NorPro leading the development of ceramic catalyst supports and ceramic catalysts for the petrochemical and other industries. Her team is working with customers to imagine, develop and manufacture technology-driven ceramic solutions. Prior to joining Saint-Gobain, Marissa was a R&D execution manager at Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) where she managed a group of engineers and technicians specializing in the processing and application of nuclear materials. Dr. Reigel received her doctorate and bachelors’ degrees in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.

Bryan Harder 250x300 px

Bryan Harder, Ph.D.

NASA Glenn Research Center

"My Career at NASA: From Coatings to Combustion"

Dr. Bryan Harder is the Technical Lead in the Environmental Effects and Coatings Branch at the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, OH. He has worked in the area of ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) and environmental barrier coatings (EBCs) for nearly 20 years. During that time, he has worked as the EBC task lead for the Transformational Tools and Technologies project which focuses on developing and validating protection systems for next generation turbine engine components. In addition to his work as the task lead, he is also the Principle Investigator for the Plasma Spray-Physical Vapor Deposition (PS-PVD) Rig. This rig is one of only a handful of such facilities worldwide and is used to develop advanced thermal and environmental barrier coating architectures. Dr. Harder also has extensive experience testing materials and coatings with both laboratory and large-scale combustion test facilities. Bryan holds both Bachelor’s and Ph.D. degrees in Material Science and Engineering from Northwestern University.

Andrea Vozar 250x300 px

Andrea Vozar

GE Aerospace Research

"Elevating Your Career Trajectory: Unveiling the Strategic Impact of Curiosity, Flexibility, and Resilience"

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign M.S. Mechanical Engineering, M.S. Environmental Science

Bradley University B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Andrea, a Lead Materials Scientist at GE Aerospace, brings over a decade of experience in energy technology. Specializing in high-temperature and functional coating development through thermal spray technology to support commercial flight decarbonization. Andrea’s expertise includes developing Environmental Barrier Coatings (EBC) for Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC) components, enhancing aerospace engine efficiency. Her work extends to the development and integration of solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) into aerospace engines, reducing fuel consumption, and SOFC to produce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Previously, Andrea worked in water treatment/energy cogeneration, diesel engine new product design at Caterpillar, Inc., and Stirling engines for space mission instrumentation.

☀️  ICACC 2024

The 48th International Conference & Exposition on Advanced Ceramics & Composites (ICACC 2024) will be held from Jan. 28–Feb. 2, 2024, in Daytona Beach, Fla. This conference has a strong history of being one of the best international meetings on advanced structural and functional ceramics, composites, and other emerging ceramic materials and technologies.

The American Ceramic Society’s Engineering Ceramics Division (ECD) has organized this event since 1977. Over the years, the conference has experienced tremendous growth, worldwide interest, and active participation from ceramic researchers and developers from the national and global technical community.

This year, the technical program consists of nineteen Symposia, five Focused Sessions, and one Special Focused Session, and the 13th Global Young Investigator Forum. These technical sessions, consisting of both oral and poster presentations, will provide an open forum for scientists, researchers, and engineers from all over the world to present and exchange findings on recent advances on various aspects related to ceramic science and technology.

IGNITE MSE events to look forward to during ICACC:

IGNITE MSE's Broader Impacts of Science Poster Session

Poster sessions welcome submissions from researchers who are driven to create a positive impact on society through their scientific endeavors. Contributions aim to make science more relevant, understandable, and engaging to the public, ultimately fostering a positive societal impact and inspiring the next generation of materials scientists. 

This session includes topics such as:

    • Technology for Social Good: Investigating how technologies can be harnessed to tackle social and humanitarian issues, improving lives on a broader scale.
    • Inclusivity and Diversity: Going beyond underrepresented communities to explore how fostering diverse perspectives within science drives innovation and promotes equitable outcomes.
    • Ethics in Research: Engaging in critical discussions about the ethical implications of scientific discoveries and their potential impact on society.
    • Outreach and Community Engagement: Exploring effective ways to convey complex scientific concepts to the general public, fostering greater understanding and enthusiasm.

Participating in this poster session allows researchers to present their work to a diverse audience and receive feedback from field experts. The session encourages interdisciplinary thinking and advocates for a comprehensive approach to scientific inquiry.

Posters will be presented in conjunction with the large poster session occurring at the ICACC conference. 

IGNITE MSE Networking Reception

IGNITE MSE is dedicated to enhancing professional development and career exploration for both undergraduate and graduate students in materials science. This reception offers a unique platform for attendees to connect with peers, mentors, and industry experts. With its focus on networking and collaboration, participants can expect an evening filled with insightful discussions, knowledge sharing, and the chance to forge valuable connections in the materials science and engineering community.

Accommodations and Travel

Please note that all participants are responsible for arranging their accommodations and travel to this event. If you are interested in booking hotel accommodations at the conference hotel, please visit the ACerS webpage for more information. They have reserved a block of student rooms that will be available on a first-come, first served basis.

  • Student rate: $157 plus tax a night
  • All student rooms are double rooms with 2 queen beds.
  • Rates are also subject to a $25.00 Resort Charge
  • Cut-off Date: January 5, 2024

Visa Information

If you are a non U.S. resident planning to attend this meeting, please note that the process of obtaining a visa to enter the United States may take several months. If you require an invitation letter in order to obtain a visa, first ensure your passport has 6 months of validity beyond your travel dates and enough blank pages available for each border crossing you must make for the trip.

To request a letter to attend, please send an email with name of the meeting you plan to attend (ICACC 2024), your full name, mailing address, telephone number, date of birth, place of birth, passport number, passport issue date and passport expiration date to Karen McCurdy at kmccurdy@ceramics.org at to obtain an official invitation from The American Ceramic Society.

Student Travel Grant Opportunities

ACerS Student Travel Grant

Students or young professionals who are giving a presentation at ICACC 2024 may be eligible to apply for a registration waiver and/or travel grant.

The aim of the Registration Waiver and Travel Grant Program is to develop and foster cooperation among students and young professionals from all over the world.

ICACC2024 is organized by the Engineering Ceramics Division of The American Ceramic Society.

Eligibility: Any student (undergrad, graduate, or high school), post doctorate or young professional (within 3 years of graduation date) who is giving an oral or poster presentation at ICACC2024 is eligible to apply.

Awardees may receive a travel grant and/or a conference registration waiver.

The Engineering Ceramics Division (ECD) is also offering Childcare Grants again this year! Grants of up to $400 will be given to selected registered meeting attendees who are bringing one or more young children to the conference or who incur extra expenses in leaving them at home.

2024 ECerS International Ceramist Student Exchange Program

The purpose of this grant awarded by ECerS with the financial support of the JECS Trust is to help 30 European students to participate in events (schools, conferences, workshops, etc.) organized by other Ceramic Societies from all around the world with whom ECerS collaborates.

A Grant of 1.200 € will be awarded to 30 selected students to attend events organized in 2024.

Check your eligibility and apply below.


Contact Amanda at aengen@ceramics.org